Saturday, February 1, 2014

Myths and truths of lactose intolerance

Has that after eating a piece of cheese or drinking a glass of milk you feel bloated or have severe abdominal pain happened?

If your answer is affirmative and attributed these symptoms to a gastritis or irritable you might be wrong categorically. It is likely that you case of lactose intolerance, "a very common disease, affecting nearly 60% of the", says Vidaintegra, Dr. David Kutz gastroenterologist.

The myths

Myth 1: lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency in the enzyme lactose.

Real. "Lactose intolerance occurs when the intestine does not produce enough of the enzyme lactose. Enzymes help the body to absorb nutrients. Babies produce this enzyme, because milk is the only food that can be consumed. Eventually we started to include other foods in our diet, so the lactose is losing,"explains Dr. Kutz, Vidaintegra gastroenterologist.

Myth 2: it is recommended that youth and adults consume no dairy products.

False. Although about 60% of suffer them from lactose intolerance, specialist says that "it must continue consuming milk to protect bones, since dairy products are generally the best source of calcium".

Myth 3: the lactose intolerance has symptoms similar to of the irritable bowel syndrome.

Real. Symptoms, explains the gastroenterologist, are: "abdominal distention (bloating), bloating, can sometimes be accompanied by abdominal pain and diarrhea." There are even patients who show both pictures, so is looking for the best treatment to relieve symptoms".

Myth 4: you feel it is urgent to consult.

False. You are advised to consult with a specialist "when there is gastrointestinal disturbances affecting the quality of life". There are people who live together without problems with lactose intolerance because the symptoms are unnoticeable or are not significant.

Myth 5: eliminating dairy from the diet the symptoms disappear.

Real. "If not already consumed lactose, there are no symptoms," adds. However, these people should worry of calcium in other ways. "There are lactose-free food," explains Kutz, and adds that another alternative of treatment are capsules of lactose taken before eating dairy.

The benefits of stretching

The stretching (stretching or elongation) is a scientific method through which you can exercise mobility in an easy and very effective way. An increase in mobility is a program less strenuous muscle stretching that causes, so surprisingly fast. This practice exercises are easy to learn, can be done without the need for auxiliary means and are designed so that they are appropriate for all ages. In addition this exercise technique has proven to be very effective in preventing injuries.

For several years, this methodology is used by physical therapists and some sports coaches. A personal trainer and three years began to incorporate exercises of stretching in their classes. "It is necessary that all who practice a sporting activity is directed to carry out a plan of stretching at the end of the training," features.""It is also important to prioritize the main groups biarticulares hips and lower limbs (ischiotibial muscles, iliotibial band and straight femoral and twin) hip rotators, girdle and shoulder, whereupon the physical condition will be improved considerably and avoid injury".

ADVANTAGES. The stretching determines long-term benefits generated by the sum of the effect of so many exercises performed with the same muscle group. Important neuro-physiological changes occur and, at the same time, the muscle increases gradually its actual length. "In addition - San Martin - has other reasons why practice it: flexibility and coordination of movements, elasticity of the muscles, tendons and ligaments, stimulation of the circulatory system, muscular relaxation, regeneration, prevention of future muscle spasms and knowledge and awareness of the body".

Like any physical activity in general, the stretching is done twice a week. It is advisable a 15 to 30 minute session and time stretching of each segment should oscillate between 6 to 45 seconds and pause for relaxation should last the same amount of time as that used for traction (6 to 45 seconds). Here, the personal trainer offers two examples of stretches. You choose:


1 Sit on the floor with the soles of the feet together and bring them as close as possible to the English and put your hands around the toes.
2. Tilt the upper part of the body forward, slowly until you feel the inside of the thighs stretched. Hold this position for 20 seconds.
3 Bending by the hips, keep the spine straight and high Chin, as if a point of the ground were looking ahead.
4. To feel that the voltage decreases, increase slowly that stretch a little more. Endure for twenty-five seconds.
5 Exit the stretch slowly and sit in a straight position.
6 Breathe.


1. Sit on the floor with his right leg extended and bent left leg so that the sole of the left foot is pointing towards the inside of the right thigh.
2. Do not force the leg extended knee. Keep your knee slightly bent.
3 Lean forward from the hips (without bending your back), stretching towards the toes of the leg extended, until you feel a slight tension.
4. Hold this position for twenty seconds.
5. Be sure that the toes of the extended leg look upwards. This will help to maintain the alignment of the ankle, knee and hip.
6. For the evolved stretch, leaning a little more, until it is perceived an increase in tension.
7 Exit slowly stretch and change of leg. Always remember that should not bounce and the toes of the extended leg should look up to maintain correct alignment.

Tips on caring for your health

Sport helps to have a healthy life, but it is important to maintain - and prepare - the body for this. they are perfect to keep that balance your body needs.

The paste delivers a high energy content, as well as vitamins and essential minerals that an athlete needs, then wear that produces physical activity.

Inulin is one of the essential elements that make these pasta perfect for sportsmen. This element is part of dietary fiber, and is usually found in roots and tubers.

Its presence is important because it contributes to a good regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, achieving that they will assimilate more slowly, making it perfect for prolonged efforts made by athletes.

Athletes need to take care of your body, and pasta intake is vital for this. For this reason, Endeavored to deliver all the vitamins, fiber and minerals necessary for a correct power in those who develop a great physical effort.

What to do in case of burns?

Burns occur more often than one would like, so it is important to know how to act in these cases.

First thing is to be done is to classify them according to their symptoms:

First grade: reddening of the skin

Second grade: blisters

Third degree: destruction of tissues

What should I do?

First grade: wash with SOAP and cold water. Place cold compresses.

Second grade: Wash with SOAP and boiled, cold water. Not burst blisters, call an ambulance or take it to a medical center if the extension is larger than the Palm of the hand.

Third grade: Wash with boiled cold water. Cover with gauze. Call your emergency medical service or take to a medical center.

Among the precautions that we take is not tear off the clothes that is attached to the skin and do not place any type of item such as chocolate, oil, petroleum, Web, etc.

Cold pasta, alternative single day plate heat

In these days of high temperatures, create the daily menu for the family is a challenge for the mother, as well as organize summer scenarios for children, holidays and invent a formula suitable for spending the days of intense heat and all to enjoy beautiful days of summer.

Usually, when it's hot, just give them like eating elaborate dishes, stews or soups. It is here, where salads become Queens of the House and the best alternative for young and old. They are lighter, there is a variety of combinations of different vegetables, fish, seafood and meat. and with the mix of various ingredients chosen, they can deliver the perfect nutritional value that is required on a daily basis.
Here is where pastes them, always cooked to the tooth so they provide a low glycemic index, go to take a role very important and above all, they deliver good nutrition for the whole family. Pasta cold, of different types, can be carbohydrate ideal to develop rich and compelling summer salads and supplant the traditional potatoes or rice, and thus develop these rich salads in a dish for lunch or dinner.

For example, to avoid the classic potatoes with mayonnaise that provide mostly fat and calories, it is better to saute in olive oil an eggplant, red pepper, one green and one yellow, more a Zucchini, all in small squares, and then add a packet of cooked seeds to the tooth and cold. Mix, and add a liquid tomato, vinegar, salt and olive oil, and serve.
Another novel, rich and healthy alternative is to prepare a Chilean rich yams tomatoes, onions in pen and cilantro salad, add some to the tooth, cold and season. This innovative salad can be used to accompany a rich piece of Pippin grilled.

Also, you can make a traditional Greek Salad with tomatoes in pieces, black olives, red onion, goat's cheese in cubes and add spiral cold be incomparable, you can use it as a rich single dish! And for the more traditional, or who like to eat typical Chilean dishes during all seasons of the year, nothing better than a pot, one of the most complete foods and balanced nutritionally, but doing a variation. Instead of rice, it is advisable to insert the nuggets late in the cooking so that they are to the tooth and thus contain a lower glycemic index. A very rich and healthy alternative!

The classic carbonated with multiple vegetables, ideal, do not put potatoes and Add pasta to the tooth cooked with the broth from the vegetables, so they absorb the flavor, resulting in a dish that will bring a big family applause.
Finally I recommend making a noodles, which is a paella, but with pasta instead of rice. You can choose for your greatest pleasure, expect that shellfish are almost ready and add the pasta. It is second to none. A point which we must not forget, having spoken of pasta and its contribution in delicious salads and traditional dishes, is to be clear about the amount we eat.

According to experts, when we use small pasta, should be 100 g raw pasta per person if it is main dish, this is approximately ¾ Cup large. And 60 g of raw pasta per person if accompanying, this is approximately 1/2 large well.

Now, let's use the long pasta must be 100 grams of pasta if it is main dish. To know how much are 100 gram, you must take the package and if the total is 400 gr, is divided into 4 equal parts and we will have the necessary amount. Another alternative is to take a pita, a thread or a Ribbon and cut the 9 cm, you have to take a number of sufficient paste to make the tape spin without overlap.