Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sate Heavenly New Year 2013 in Japan

As most people in the world, and highlights the vibrant new year 2013 was also felt in Japan. Some locations welcoming the new year in Japan, and places of entertainment are also dense and crowded to welcome the new year.

Interestingly, for the people of Japan, the New Year is not celebrated with too have fun and Waw. Instead, they go to places of worship according to their beliefs do prayers for the coming new year gives blessings and luck.

Well, for Indonesian students, performed a simple celebration of the new year with a get-together with friends, enjoy a relaxing hot tea, hot coffee and so relaxed. Even get-togethers can be done by eating together at a restaurant that is supposed to provide delicious food.

Well, for the city of Kobe-Japan, me and my friends did get-togethers with other Indonesian students in Kobe to make fuel-burning cooking skewers and cook Indonesian dishes such as green bean porridge, soup, and so on. But as a menu staple is grilled satay.

Grilled satay activity in Japan is very simple. With only buy meat at the "Halal Food" located in front of Kobe Mosque (Mosque of the oldest in Japan), chicken, beef and mutton can be. Certainly an Indonesian spices can also be. After it was sliced​​, flavored and roasted. It was also delicious heavenly beat sate-skewers in Indonesia.

Warmth satay and Indonesia delicacies results-together at New Year's Eve meal together was at 24.00 Japanese time at the turn of the year. Of course the prayer begins, Kampai to drink tea, milk and juice. After that meal together done.

It was a warm welcome on arrival momentum new year 2013. Activities undertaken by the students Indonesia is indeed simple, yet extraordinary. May the year 2013 bring blessings and be better for all of our activities. And hopefully bring success for us.

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